Dad To The Bone Split w/ Lion House

by D'Wayne Gretzky

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released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved


D'Wayne Gretzky Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: You're A Lizard Gary
a means to an end
we all pretend that we're heaven sent
we've all become so impervious
to rationality
and common sense
So how is it that we stand so tall
when we have learned nothing at all
our mistakes have turned to earthquakes
and before too long the road will be broken and gone

Where have we gone where are we now
The places I've been escape me somehow
How will it take how long has it been
How long must I wait before I can pretend
That I've never cared I've never been woken
I'll never forgive you for the lives that you've broken

I've been trying to find my way, my way back home
Track Name: Where's My House Karl?
My friends are all gone
The doors are all closed
The bridges lay burnt
I can't find my way home
I've been here for month or has it been years
Searching for ways to fight the back tears
Track Name: Cinnacinnamontography
The days and late nights
Don't stop until the sunrise
We're all just teenagers at ragers
Getting drunk with our friends and our neighbors
So take it in
It won't last long
Soak it up
And rip the bong
Track Name: Go-Go Gadget Bullshit
I've been sitting on the back porch alone
I don't want to talk about goals
I plead the fifth
Yeah well I'm not sold
I've seen the brighter side of things
and I turned my head.